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Tuesday, January 27th
WJB1 | Live February 5 | David Summers: Advanced Parts Storage Techniques Get More Efficiency from Existing Space Without Costly Equipment Solutions

Registration $298
 Live Online Workshop! Thursday, February 5 at 1pm Eastern and 10am Pacific
David Summers
Parts storage space is always at a premium - Learn Techniques to get more parts into your existing parts warehouse.

If there is a dealership parts manager who thinks he or she is allocated enough space to store the inventory... then we have not met, nor are we likely to. This problem only grows in intensity as car and truck sales continue to expand.
David Summers joins us for a 60-minute workshop on how smart Parts Managers are utilizing some new concepts in parts warehousing that will not only allow you to store more parts in existing space... but also provide efficiencies when it comes to dispensing those parts to technicians and customers.

You will learn:
  • How to reduce footsteps and improve parts counter productivity
  • How to reorganize without heavy spending on new equipment
  • 8 Advanced storage techniques used successfully in dealerships today
  • How to find 35% more storage from existing parts department space
  • How to get parts to the repair bay before the technician's 1st test drive
  • How adjusting days-of-supply can improve sale per square foot
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