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September 25, 2014

Webinar GraphicSteve Nickelsen: Habits and Practices of the Exceptional Used Vehicle Manager
Used Vehicle Success is often the result of the efforts of an exceptional manager who has properly defined the tasks and designed the process to make it all work!
Thursday, September 25th
Managing a used vehicle sales department is not a job for sissies! It requires the obvious skills that aid in the selling process, but also requires a laundry list of other skills... skills that can define the difference between success and failure. And the best Used Car Managers do it all with apparent ease. Join Steve Nickelsen as he examines just what makes the best used vehicle managers stand out from the crowd.
(WHi4) Registration: $298 per connection

October 2, 2014

Webinar GraphicMark Rodriguez: Internet Ups: Guiding the Prospect from Email to Phone to Showroom
A practical guide to keep your prospects "in the net" until you can greet them on the showroom floor
Thursday, October 2nd
An alarming number of Internet prospects, up to 95% by some estimates, never make it into the showroom. Some aspect of the experience turns them off to your dealership. All too often it is the e-mail-to-phone transition that is the dead end to the sale. Converting online shoppers to showroom customers requires specially-designed processes and a well-developed skill set. Mark Rodriguez, of Auto Client Care, Inc, has developed just such a game plan for auto retailers and she will share it with DealersEdge members during a special Webinar presentation.
(WHJ1) Registration: $298 per connection

October 9, 2014

Webinar GraphicRob Campbell: The Art of Service Management - Combining the Art of Management with the Automotive Technology Science
7 Service Management Fundamentals that, when implemented properly, yield impressive results and record-breaking profit performance
Thursday, October 9th
Join Rob Campbell for this in-depth discussion and review of these 7 fundamentals and how you can add an "artist's touch" to your management skills.
(WHJ1) Registration: $298 per connection
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