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September 4, 2014

Webinar GraphicJeff Sacks: The Habits & Practices of the Exceptional General Manager
What are the common traits that allow some Automotive General Managers to stand out among their peers? Those that do stand out - what makes them tick?
Thursday, September 4th
Jeff Sacks, for many years, has conducted a well-known and respected training session, specifically focused on the role of the dealership General Manager. Through this and other professional experiences, he has interacted with thousands of dealership GMs. Jeff is taking all this insight and perspective and will visit with us to discuss just what makes General Managers, well Exceptional... the best of the best. So join us for this workshop and learn either what you need to do to join the ranks of the Exceptional... or maybe what to look for in prospective GMs or GMs-in-training.
(WHi1) Registration: $298 per connection

September 11, 2014

Webinar GraphicKevin Kiernan: Best Practice Hiring & Training for the Automotive BDC
All about the important role of the BDR (Business Development Rep)...looking at job descriptions, pay plans, staff scheduling, mystery shopping and performance mentoring.
Thursday, September 11th
In this workshop we will take a view into the hiring and training of Automotive Call Center Reps and their impact on dealership profitability. Join DealersEdge and Kevin Kiernan of Proactive Dealer Solutions to discuss what is inevitably the most crucial department of a dealership now and in the future - the BDC Department.
(WHi2) Registration: $298 per connection

September 18, 2014

Webinar GraphicSteve Kwiatkowski: How to Create a Professional Image on the Service Drive... Improve Retention, CSI, Sales & Profits
With service lane traffic projected to significantly shrink in the near future, re-thinking the Service Lane Process is a must.
Thursday, September 18th
It's not just about selling more service and making more menu presentations... It is about getting the customer to like and trust you! Researchers have found that customers make two immediate judgments about individuals and businesses... at the very first contact. Are you "Warm"... and then are you "Competent." Failure to get a high enough grade on either and you will fail to win repeat business. For most dealerships to win in the battle for service business, they need to re-think just what is happening on their service drives. Many, if not most, dealerships are allowing their service advisors to drive customers and profits away... down the street and to your competitors. The good news is you can fix it!
(WHi3) Registration: $298 per connection
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