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December 18, 2014

Webinar GraphicAll Dealership Manager: How to Coach Your Team to Success... Easy to Follow Process for Record-Breaking Results
Being a successful manager is all about getting the very best out of every member of your team. Learn the magic of one-on-one coaching.
Thursday, December 18th at 1pm Eastern
In the car business, being a manager is almost always equated with producing Gross or Net Profits. But that is just how you keep score. The managers who truly succeed have mastered the techniques necessary to connect with each person reporting to them and in the process guide them to the results that will show up on the financial statement. Join Steve Nickelsen for a 60 minute presentation on the process of one-on-one management coaching. Learn how to standardize team member coaching sessions so that your reporting team members know what is expected of them and how they will achieve success. Follow this process and watch both your team's and department's results reach new record-breaking results.
(WHL3) Registration: $298 per connection

January 8, 2015

Webinar GraphicEffective Labor Rate Control and Management... The Art & The Science
Discover a plan and a painless process to significantly improve your Customer Pay ELR - Effective Labor Rate! Small almost invisible adjustments with huge bottom line impact!
Thursday, January 8th at 1pm Eastern
Ray will be sharing knowledge to help the Service Manager meet their #1 responsibility to the dealer… PRODUCE ROI! Learn the formula for immediate and significant ELR improvement. You can make relatively small and almost invisible-to-the-customer changes in labor pricing that would result in an increase to your Effective Labor Rate (ELR) of $6 or $7 in just 30 days. Sounds almost too good to be true doesn't it. But listen in to this DealersEdge Workshop and Ray Branch will both prove it to you and show you how. "Professor" Branch has studied this concept for over 20 years and in the process has performed a forensic analysis on over 50 million dealership Customer Pay Repair Orders. This analysis takes each RO through more than 120 complex calculations generating more than 80 Key Performance measurements. The results are nothing short of amazing and very revealing.
(WJA1) Registration: $298 per connection
Presenter: Ray Branch

January 15, 2015

Habits & Practices of Exceptional F&I Managers
Learn the skills and habits of the most skilled F&I Managers in the business. By the way... also the most highly compensated.
Thursday, January 15th at 1pm Eastern 
Jeff Sacks recently identified the F&I Manager as one of the key positions in the dealership where related efforts have most direct flow through impact on the bottom line. He urges General Managers to key in on this position to make sure the right person sits at the F&I control desk. Becky Chernek will examine the common attributes of the best F&I Managers in the business. From her vantage point, Becky has identified the habits and practices that allow these super performers stand out among their peers. Not surprisingly, these exceptional F&I Managers are also among the most highly compensated.
    (WJA2) Registration = $298 per connection
    Presenter: Becky Chernek
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