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What is DealersEdge?

Subprime Sales Success Hosted By Rebecca Chernek

Are you only trading with 44% of the buying Public?

April 7th and 8th Marriott Perimeter Center, Atlanta GA Hosted by Rebecca Chernek 
A dealer or general manager, whichever elects, may attend seminar at no fee with (1) paying attendee! 
Early Registration Price: $1195

 Click Here For Detailed Information and Registration

Summary of Events:

Rebecca Chernekand other industry-leading trainers share proven methods to increase profits, build customer loyalty and limit liability in the growing subprime market. This 1-1/2 day power workshop provides a comprehensive and in-depth  look at how to manage subprime sales to boost your bottom line.

The Presenters Include:

  • Rebecca Chernek, President - Chernek Consulting
  • Jason Barrie, Senior Director, Market Performance - Dealertrack Technologies
  • Kyle Walker, Content Product Manager - Complí
  • Brandon Hardison, President - Champion Strategies, Inc.
  • Gregory Johnson, Attorney -G Johnson Law PLLC
  • Arzu Algan, CFO & Dean of Education - Automotive Dealership Institute (ADI)
  • Jenn Reid, Senior Director of Product Marketing - Equifax
  • Rodney O'Rourke, Director of Agent Development  LoJack Corporation

Attendees will learn:

  • How to land the customer on the right car the first time out using credit interview techniques that put the customer at ease and limit errors; determine and respond to credit flags; achieve seamless TOs to finance; and reduce the time the customer is in the dealership.
  • How to set up a successful special finance department. - How to read an automotive consumer's credit report. - How to land the customer on the right car the first time out and manage subprime customers to build customer loyalty.
  • How maintaining a certified used car inventory helps obtain bank approval on special finance. - How to develop positive bank relationships to get more deals bought. - How to maximize lender advances through valuable product offerings.
  • How to limit liability through proper procedures and compliance.
  • How compliance and transparency lead to higher profits and long-term relationships with customers
  • What a CMS is and how to implement it.
  • How the subprime market has impacted the auto industry's recent success and trends in financing and how customers conduct their vehicle purchase.

 Click Here For Detailed Information and Registration

Online Workshops:
List of all Upcoming Online Workshops: Click Here  

April 2
WJD1 | Live April 2 | Brooke Samples - Forecasting for 2015 and Beyond: Your Guide for Creating Department Forecasts that Yield Big Results!

Registration $298

Live Online Workshop!
Thursday April 2 at 1pm Eastern and 10am Pacific
Presenter Brooke Samples
Program Length: 80 Minutes

This year promises to be very good for auto retailers...especially for those dealers who have firm strategies in place to seize the opportunities that the market is providing. Use this forecasting process to energize your staff to reach even higher.

When you implement a meaningful forecasting process, you energize your managers and employees to reach for new and higher goals! With only three months behind us for 2015, it's not too late to motivate and achieve even better results.

This workshop is for all department managers. It is designed to be a thought-starter and to answer the questions of…how and why dealers and managers should pay closer attention to their forecasting process. How and why many are missing great opportunities!

You will learn:
  • Why "Thinking Big" is the only way to think!
  • How to Calculate each Department's Full Potential using Benchmarks
  • When to include rank and file employees in the forecasting process
  • How to create the action plans that will result in goals actually achieved
  • How to stay "on track" through the forecast period
  • How to make a fair allocation of Fixed Expenses

April 9
WJD2 | Live April 9 | Nan Mossey: Top 10 Digital Marketing Mistakes for Auto Dealers

Registration $298

Live Online Workshop!
Thursday April 9 at 1pm Eastern and 10am Pacific
Presenter Nan Mossey
Program Length: 80 Minutes

Digital Marketing in dealerships… as soon as you get the process set everything changes again… and then again! Discover the Top 10 Mistakes currently in play and how to turn it all to your advantage!

Change has always been the name of the game in the car business. It just comes faster these days and especially in the realm of digital marketing.

In this environment of rapid change (most of it for the better), many dealerships are working on a set of assumptions that may no longer apply. Nan Mossey is an expert in the field of digital marketing… especially for car dealers… and offers her insights.
Nan will highlight the Top 10 Digital Marketing Mistakes… errors of commission as well as omission… and offer suggestions on how you can identify and act on the opportunity each "oops" represents.

Discover the common mistakes others are making by:
  • Overlooking your most important profit center
  • Capturing the lead, but losing the sale
  • Being camera shy? It’s costing you a fortune
  • Not using email effectively to build existing customer relationships
  • Not marketing to the other 80%?
  • Ignoring Reputation Management
  • Staying in your rut. New ideas bring new leads!
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