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December 4, 2014

Webinar GraphicBecky Chernek: Fixing the F&I Bottleneck... to Satisfy the Customer's Needs and Demands Without Killing Profit
How to speed up the process without damaging F&I profit opportunities. Learn to engage the F&I process with the customer's needs front and center!
Thursday, December 4th
It's a cardinal rule of F&I selling... You must present every product... to every customer... every time! But forcing customers through our selling process to facilitate these presentations, often just makes them angry and often sorry they did business with you. And it's not so much the presentations as it is the delays in just getting on the road in their new vehicle. The bottleneck created by a structured F&I process is the problem... If you agree, listen in to Becky Chernek as she describes ways you can better understand and qualify your customers... helping to create a new process that still makes the presentations, but also respects the customer's desire to complete the transaction quickly.
(WHL1) Registration: $298 per connection
Presenter: Becky Chernek of Chernek Consulting

December 11, 2014

Webinar GraphicJeff Sacks: Effective Pay Plan Formulas that Achieve Results
Jeff digs deeply into pay plan design, focusing on not only the transaction side of the business but on customer retention goals as well!
Thursday, December 11th
He also addresses the critical need for dealerships to overcome inter department rivalry, and vertical thinking mentality, by designing pay plans that link personnel from various departments together as a cohesive unit... making them partners in the common goal of keeping your customers coming back.
(WHL2) Registration: $298 per connection
Presenter: Jeff Sacks

December 18, 2014

Webinar GraphicAll Dealership Manager: How to Coach Your Team to Success... Easy to Follow Process for Record-Breaking Results
Being a successful manager is all about getting the very best out of every member of your team. Learn the magic of one-on-one coaching.
Thursday, December 18th
In the car business, being a manager is almost always equated with producing Gross or Net Profits. But that is just how you keep score. The managers who truly succeed have mastered the techniques necessary to connect with each person reporting to them and in the process guide them to the results that will show up on the financial statement. Join Steve Nickelsen for a 60 minute presentation on the process of one-on-one management coaching. Learn how to standardize team member coaching sessions so that your reporting team members know what is expected of them and how they will achieve success. Follow this process and watch both your team's and department's results reach new record-breaking results.
(WHL3) Registration: $298 per connection
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